Education Budget

Joe Robach protects education, local schools and students in the 2010-2011 NYS Budget.

In 2010, the Legislature faced the daunting task of fixing a $10 billion state budget deficit. Senator Joe Robach worked with his colleagues to close this gap while also protecting local education.

Joe Robach, and the Senate Majority, did not support Governor Cuomo’s proposed 2011-12 school aid budget because they knew the cuts would be detrimental to schools, teachers and students.  They fought hard to restore an additional $272 million in overall state aid to education in the final budget, including $230 million in direct school aid to districts across the state. Senator Joe Robach prevented $190 million in cost shifts that were proposed by the Governor that would have placed additional funding strains on local school districts and taxpayers.  Most importantly, he waged a successful fight to restore some regional balance, fairness and equity to the statewide school aid distribution formula, which the Governor had thrown out of whack by proposing a higher percentage of aid to New York City schools.

Many times there are parallels of Rochester education to other regions of the state, including Westchester County and Long Island.  It is important to know that the state pays for an average of 18.2 percent of the total budget Long Island school.   In the City of Rochester, the State pays for approximately 80 percent.  When you put state aid side by side to wealthier districts in places with higher costs of living such as Long Island, the Long Island average amount of state aid per pupil in FY2011-2012 is around $2,500.  Brighton approximately $3,105.  Greece around $6,148 and the City of Rochester $10,812.

The actual figure from the 2011-12 budget show that our schools were funded at a total of:  Brighton ($11,024,061); Greece ($71,717,501); Rochester ($442,101,690).  In total, all the school districts in Monroe County received $877,191,528 from the State of New York ($7,844 per pupil).

Last year, Joe Robach was able to make a bad situation better.