Education funding during the 2012-2013 New York State Budget negotiations, Senator Joe Robach Rochester NY has supported and advocated for a one-house budget resolution that would restore $200 million in education aid for schools (over the 2012-2013 Executive Budget proposal).   The education proposal supported by Joe Robach would restore or add funding in many important areas, such as Nonpublic School Aid; High Achieving School Senate Program; library aid; Center for Autism and Related Disorders; Higher Education Opportunity Program Awards; Missing Children Program; Just for Kids Program; and the Senior Star Rebate Program.  It should be noted that the Senate resolution agrees with Cuomo’s recommendation relating to education capital projects ($17,400,000).

The education plan supported by Joe Robach also includes exciting incentives for districts, such an incentive regarding electric school buses.  More specifically, school districts will receive financial incentives if they purchase electric buses through NYSERDA.  Electric buses will help reduce transportation costs and help the environment.

Also included in the Senate’s education proposal is a requirement that any students with parents who participate in social services programs be automatically enrolled in the Free and Reduced Price Lunch Program.  This would be helpful for many parents and for school districts as well.

Even though New York’s economy is financially strained, the Senate and Joe Robach have drafted a very fiscally sound budget proposal which restores millions of dollars to education and public schools.