Joe Robach Rochester NY – sponsors several pieces of education legislation in the New York State Senate.  One important bill sponsored by Joe Robach would create the Empire State Internship Program (S495).  This legislation underscores the importance of internships and the impact they can have on students.  Internships provide exposure to advanced technologies and other things not available in a classroom.   Internships can also help kids pick a career path and give them real life experience in the fields that they are interested in pursuing.  Joe Robach is a strong believer that internships can be a fundamental part of a student’s education.

Another important education bill introduced by Joe Robach is Senate Bill 721.  Joe Robach’s bill would establish an incentive program for school districts who would like to start foreign language education programs in elementary schools.  Specifically, this bill would establish a pilot program in five high needs school districts to expand foreign language education programs.  Additionally, Joe Robach’s bill would provide 100 awards of up to $10,000 for students who are working towards certification in foreign language education.     It is expected that these awards would cover the cost of books and some tuition expenses.  Joe Robach knows the positive impact foreign language education can have on young children and this is one of the reasons he sponsors this bill.

S.560 of 2012 is also a very interesting education bill sponsored by Joe Robach.  This bill would include the history of people with disabilities in New York State’s mandatory curriculum.  If enacted, this legislation would authorize the Board of Regents to adopt a statewide curriculum that would provide students with the opportunity to learn about people with disabilities and the impact they had on changing history.  This bill promotes good citizenship and inspires respect for those with disabilities.    All these bills sponsored by Joe Robach are currently pending in the Senate’s Committee on Education.