Senator Joe Robach Rochester NY supported many education initiatives in the recently enacted 2012-2013 New York State Budget.  The budget agreement spends a little over $132 billion dollars and nearly $20 billion of it is dedicated to elementary and secondary education – one of Joe Robach’s priorities.  Most notable in the budget was a 4 percent increase to aid to public schools.  This increase targets high need and Upstate schools.  The Legislature also agreed to Governor Cuomo’s recommended increase for regular Mandated Services Reimbursement and they added $7 million to the Governor’s proposed $26.2 million for Comprehensive Attendance Policy reimbursement.

Another important aspect of the education budget and a priority for Joe Robach is that it achieves regional balance in school aid and ensures that every region of the state is treated fairly and equitably.  As a result of the Senate’s efforts, the budget will make school districts eligible to receive state aid to offset costs related to implementing new standards for conducting the Annual Professional Performance Reviews for teachers and principals.

Some of the other important aspects of the budget are: $400 million to further the Gap Elimination Adjustment; restarts the foundation aid formula (reprogramming $111 million); provides $7 million in aid for non-public schools; provides just under $4 million for aid to public libraries (a priority for Joe Robach); restores $10.2 million for teacher centers; $1 million for Adult Literacy Education; restores $250,000 for the Center for Autism and Related Disabilites Program; restores $235,000 for the Just Kids Program; adds $1.65 million for full day kindergarten aid; adds $4.2 million for Universal Pre-Kindergarten; restores $1 million for Adult Literacy Education; and so much more.

IF you need more information on the education initiatives included in the New York State Budget, people should contact Joe Robach or someone from his office.