Joe Robach has always been a strong supporter of school nurses in educational settings.  Joe Robach knows that school nurses are an integral part of schools and are a part of a child’s education.   Dating back to 2004, Joe Robach has always been a champion for keeping them in school.  As many may recall, Joe Robach secured $200,000 to keep nurses in school when funding was cut for them in the RCSD budget.   During NYS budget negotiations, he has also worked hard to make sure school districts had enough funding to employ a school nurse (i.e. $6.3 million in 2006-07 NYS Budget).

Joe Robach knows how important school nurses are and that sometimes they are the only health care provider that kids see on a regular basis. To this end, Senator Joe Robach has introduced legislation in the New York State Senate that would require the big five school districts to employ a minimum of one school nurse per school building.  While many school districts throughout New York State provide health care services to children in each school by staffing registered professional nurses, there are some districts that choose to have these nurses travel between school buildings or choose not to have a nurse in school at all.  Large city school districts, like the big 5, are often faced with these staffing dilemmas.   Having professional staff available can prevent serious potential medical problems.  Children in our largest school districts deserve the same qualified services as children in suburban districts.

Joe Robach of Rochester recognizes school nurses as a critical part of education and New York State should recognize it as well.   If enacted, this bill will provide the largest school districts in New York State with access to a qualified medical service professional for both chronic and acute health issues for its students.   People with questions about the status of this bill, should contact Joe Robach’s office.

Joe Robach Senate – Rochester NY