Throughout Joe Robach’s tenure in the Senate, he has secured education funding for hundreds of educational programs in our local community.  One organization that Joe Robach has supported for many years is SNAP.  SNAP is an all volunteer 501C organization that provides opportunities for students K to 12 to exercise and develop critical thinking skills necessary for making good choices in life.  The mission and philosophy of SNAP is prevention and improved family communication – two things Joe Robach believes are important to a child’s education.    SNAP uses photography to excite children about reading, writing and the ramifications of drugs and alcohol.

Another very important educational organization that Joe Robach supports is SWAN.  SWAN, or the Southwest Area Neighborhood Association, has had a profound impact on youth in the City of Rochester.  SWAN is located in the heart of Rochester’s crescent of poverty where there is high crime activity.  Joe Robach has provided funding for their After School Program, Family Emergency Program and the Summer Program for Youth Development.

Another organization that Joe Robach has supported is Two Doors Community Resource Center.  Two Doors Community Resource Center supports after school programming in the Dewey-Stone neighborhood.  Two Doors is a place where children grow and develop in a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages friendships and learning with adults and other children.  Volunteers are a core component of Two Doors to help ensure kids get their homework done!

Joe Robach knows and supports the many local organizations that contribute to our children’s education.  For a full list of these organizations, contact Joe Robach’s office.