Joe Robach and New York State Senate care about school children and know that safety is critical to a successful education.  Each day over 45,000 school buses transport more than two million New York children over one million miles of highways and local streets, with an impressive record of safety.  To this end, Joe Robach and the Senate have amended the education and transportation laws to ensure school bus safety.

One law supported by Joe Robach and the Senate include requiring school buses to operate with headlights and taillights illuminated at all times.  This law ensures that school buses can be seen by other drivers on the road. Joe Robach and the Senate also changed the education and transportation law to give the Commissioner of DMV and Transportation more authority.  For example, a new law would authorize the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to deny a registration or renewal application to a school bus operator if DMV officials believe such an application is intended to circumvent a previous suspension listed in a different company.  Further, new laws would expand the Commissioner of Transportation’s power to regulate the safety of all motor vehicles transporting passengers under the age of 21 from school and community residences to approved school programs.   Lastly, newer laws would require that the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, in consultation with the State Education Department, to implement a program to educate motorists about the dangers of passing a stopped school bus, as well as alert them to penalties for such violations.

Joe Robach and the Senate encourage drivers to slow down when they see a school bus with flashing yellow lights.  State law requires drivers to stop when the red lights on a school bus are flashing, even if the bus is in the parking lot of a school.  If the school bus driver waves you on, it is safe to proceed.  Drivers who fail to stop when a school bus has its red lights on face costly penalties and even can land in jail.

For more information on school bus safety and any other education initiative, contact Joe Robach’s office.