Joe Robach knows that New Yorkers who are seeking a higher education often need to apply for financial aid.  Financial aid from the federal government consists of Federal Pell Grant Work-Study, Perkins Loans, Supplemental Education Grants, and the federal loan programs which include Stafford and PLUS loans.  NYS financial aid consists of the Tuition Assistance Program, Aid for Part Time Study, scholarships and other awards. 

Joe Robach, a SUNY grad, knows that one of the keys to getting an affordable education is understanding the financial aid process.  College bound high school students should contact their high school counselor or the Financial Aid office at the college they have applied.  Some colleges have their own financial aid applications.  The 2012-2013 applications are now available. 

Once the FAFSA is processed, you will receive a Student Aid Report or a Correction FAFSA.  If corrections are needed, follow the instructions carefully and provide any missing or inaccurate information.  If requested, take or send SAR to your college Financial Aid Office.  Joe Robach encourages you to keep a copy for your records as well as copies of any other education loan or scholarship information. 

After you send back the Express TAP application, you will get a TAP/State Scholarship Award notice.  If additional information is needed to process your TAP award, you will receive a Request for Information from the NYS Higher Education Services Corporation.  Be sure to provide the information by the date indicated.  The college Financial Aid Office will send you an award letter, detailing the aid you are eligible to receive based on your applications.  Accept or decline the offer of aid by replying by the deadline date.  Supply any additional documents requested.  To apply for the Federal Stafford Loan, you must submit a FAFSA and complete a loan application.  Contact the Financial Aid Office to find out about the loan application procedure your school uses. 

For more information about financial aid and pursuing a higher education, please contact Joe Robach’s office.