On Tuesday, August 21, 2012, Joe Robach participated in the ground breaking that marked the start of construction on a new liberal arts education building at The College at Brockport. The new building will be over 60,000 square feet and located to the east of the Drake Memorial Library. The building is scheduled to open in the fall of 2014, with a projected cost of over $29 million. It is the first new academic building on The College at Brockport’s campus in 40 years. The building will house the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, which include the departments of English, History, Modern Languages & Cultures, Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies. Joe Robach knows how important it is to provide students with state-of-the art education buildings to enhance their college experience. Funding for the project is coming from the SUNY Educational Facilities Five Year Capital Plan, which Joe Robach is proud to support.

Joe Robach has continued to support many education projects at SUNY Brockport. Joe Robach has worked hard to promote the affordability and accessibility of our state’s higher education institutions. As a graduate of SUNY, Joe Robach reaffirms his commitment to supporting the SUNY system.

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In June 2012, Joe Robach participated in the Rochester City School District’s ground breaking ceremony to launch the schools modernization program. The Rochester Schools Modernization Program is a three-phase capital initiative of the Rochester City School District in partnership with the City of Rochester. Five schools will mark the beginning of a $325 million construction program. Overall, 15 projects are to be completed by September 2015 as phase one of the schools modernization program. Joe Robach understands that providing updated, high quality, state-of-the-art education facilities is important to maximizing a student’s overall education.

Joe Robach supported the education legislation for Phase 1 of this project. Joe Robach was the sponsor for Senate bill S.6870 which established that debt payments for the Rochester School Facilities Modernization Program shall not affect the City of Rochester’s Maintenance of Effort Requirements. The approved legislation would allow the innovative and cost effective financing options for reconstruction of up to 13 school buildings. The legislation also provides the City of Rochester and the Rochester City School District with increased flexibility to meet the needs of its school children by providing alternative financing mechanisms.

This project will update many buildings in the Rochester City School District that on average are 64 years old. Joe Robach also supports this education project because it will create needed jobs in the Rochester area.

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On July 31, 2012, the Governor of New York signed education legislation that Joe Robach sponsored in the New York State Senate. The bill recognizes New York State high school graduates who demonstrate education excellence in attaining proficiency in one or more languages other than English with a state seal of biliteracy. The purpose of the seal is to increase the prospect of a student’s future employment and success in education. The Commissioner of Education will award seals according to regulations developed by the Board of Regents.

As co-sponsor of the bill, Joe Robach said, “Giving the proper credentials for those students who are proficient in English and a second language will be instantly recognizable as an achievement of language proficiency for both higher education institutions and employers. Being proficient in English and a second language is a plus and we should give credit to those students for obtaining this education achievement. In today’s world, proficiency in both English and a second language allows our students to be better communicators both in institutions of higher learning and places of employment.”

This new education law, sponsored by Joe Robach takes affect on September 1st.

For more information on this new education initiative, please contact the office of Joe Robach.