On Thursday, August 23, 2012, Joe Robach had the privilege to speak at the ceremony to honor Greece Central School District graduates. Joe Robach understands how important it is for students to complete their education by obtaining a high school diploma. Students who complete their high school education are far more likely to succeed in their future career goals. Diplomas were given to students who completed the General Education Development (GED) program through The Adult Literacy and The Bridges Program and high school students. This year’s event provided 68 adults with their GED Diploma through Adult Literacy. The Bridges Program handed out GED Diplomas to 39 students. There were 27 high school students that received their GED Diploma.

The education event also honored a very special graduate. 83-year old Jerry Oransky received the New York State Operation Recognition award. Through this program, veterans can earn their high school diploma if they left school without graduating to serve our country.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be part of such a special event with the Greece Central School District. Seeing students, young and old, complete their education is inspiriting. I am very proud of everyone who received their diploma today. I extremely honored to see Mr. Oransky received his diploma, as he sacrificed so much to defend our country,” said Joe Robach.

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