As students embark on the new school year, Joe Robach wants to provide parents and students with crucial education information. The start of the new school year always brings the promise of something new—new teachers, new classrooms, new subjects, a new beginning—but it can also pose uniqure challenges for students (and even parents) having to navigate the social and academic climates both inside and outside the classroom.

Joe Robach encourages parents to be involved with their child’s education. One of the best ways to be involved is to join the Parent-Teacher Association. To find out more information, talk to your child’s teacher. Joe Robach suggests other ways for parents to be involved in their child’s education:

• Read to your children at home every night, and encourage them to read to you. Ask about the Parents As Reading Partners (PARP) Program to find out if your child’s school participates
• Acknowledge and reward children for their successes and accomplishments
• Get to know their teachers and their daily schedule
• Be part of their nightly homework; help where you can and be encouraging
• Look into your child’s after school programs and activities.

If you have any questions regarding the education system in New York State, feel free to contact the Office of Joe Robach.