Joe Robach supports education by participating in the “Dictionary Project”. At the beginning of each new school year, Joe Robach and the Greece and Hilton Rotary Club distribute brand new dictionaries to 3rd grade students in the Greece and Hilton School Districts. These dictionaries provide students with comprehension and vocabulary skills. The dictionaries also include maps, presidential history, measurements, and sign language. Since the implementation of the program in 2007, over 8,500 dictionaries have been distributed to students. This year, 1,300 dictionaries will be given to 3rd grade students.

The dictionary is for the student to keep, so they can take it with them into the fourth grade and use it throughout their education career. The Dictionary Project is designed to aid third grade teaches in their goals to see their students leave at the end of the year as good writers, active readers and creative thinkers.

Joe Robach believes students will succeed with their education if they are given the proper tools. “The dictionaries that these students are given will help them during their entire school year. The information contained in the dictionary will be helpful to them at school and at home,” said Joe Robach. Joe Robach understands that a dictionary is the first and most powerful education tool a child should own. It is a companion for solving problems that arise as a child develops his or her reading, writing, and creative thinking abilities. Many students also benefit from an increased self-reliance and resourcefulness inspired by the maxim “look it up”. Teachers also benefit from the project by knowing that their students have consistent access to a tool for homework and in class explorations.

The Rotary Dictionary Project supported by Joe Robach is an opportunity for students to expand their vocabulary and for many to actually own a dictionary. Joe Robach is committed to supporting education tools that help students.

For more information on this education initiative, contact the office of Joe Robach.