On Thursday, September 27th, Joe Robach helped celebrate the opening of the new education building, Peckham Hall, at Nazareth College. Peckham Hall will be home to the Integrated Center for Math and Science. This new $30 million education building, on the campus of Nazareth College, will feature classroom and lab lecture rooms with modern technology and 20 labs to serve science, math and computing areas of studies. Peckham Hall will play an instrumental role in allowing students to obtain the best in math and science education. This new 74,000 square foot building will increase the number of students who pursue majors in the science and math fields as well as careers in heath and human services and teachers of math and science.  Joe Robach is supportive of providing high-tech education tools for students.  

“Providing students with a state-of-the-art education building will help them succeed in their college career and allow them to make the most of their chosen field. The math and science field continues to be an “in-demand” career choice and this new building will give students the best possible education tool. It is vitally important that our local higher education institutes are equipped with the best learning resources to help students succeeded with their career aspirations. I am happy to see that this building focuses on math, science and technology, as those are the fields that our state is striving to sustain,” said Joe Robach.

For more information on this education building or other initiatives, contact the Office of Joe Robach.