On Saturday, October 6, 2012, Joe Robach participated in an education rally that focused on bully prevention in Monroe County. The goal of this event was to promote bullying prevention and promote education in the community. The education event that Joe Robach supported took place at the Highland Bowl and encouraged all citizens in the community to take a stand against bullying. The event brought together adults and teens and provided them with education on the topic of bullying.

Many officials, including Joe Robach, agree that bullying is a topic that needs to be addressed on a daily basis. This particular bully prevention rally was designed to help people obtain education to “step in and speak out” against the issue.

This bullying prevention education rally is part of a movement throughout Monroe County.  It should also be noted that October is National Bullying Prevention Month.

Joe Robach strongly believes that providing individuals, especially students, with education on bullying, that it can be prevented. Joe Robach supports educating the public to prevent bullying in the community.

For more education information on this topic, contact the office of Joe Robach.