On Friday October 12th, Joe Robach had the privilege to speak about education at the 2nd Annual Latino Student College Fair, which was held at City Hall. The day consisted of a morning program, which included speakers and presentations, followed by students having the opportunity to visit with officials from local education colleges and business organizations in the atrium of City Hall.

Over 150 students were in attendance for this year’s education event. This great education event provided students in our area the necessary resources to receive additional information on continuing their education once they graduate from high school. Joe Robach believes that higher education is important to help youth in our community succeed. “It is vitally important to provide high school students with education options as they move forward in their lives”, said Joe Robach.

The event also served as an opportunity to honor a high school senior who excelled in her education. Joe Robach was proud to honor this student who received the Dr. Emeterio M. Otero Academic Excellence Award. The education award was presented to the student during the morning portion of the program and family was on hand for the presentation.

In addition to the college fair, students listened to remarks from local government officials, representatives from the City, and the superintendent which encouraged them to pursue their secondary education. Following the program and college fair, students were provided lunch before heading back to school for the afternoon.

For additional education information, please contact the Office of Joe Robach.