Joe Robach is proud to co-sponsor legislation that would change the education law that would allow students who have been diagnosed with severe food or other allergies to carry and use the prescribed medication epinephrine and a device to self-administer epinephrine during the school day and during education sponsored activities.

Joe Robach supports the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology position Statement on Anaphylaxis in Schools:  Life-threatening severe allergic reactions can cause the condition Anaphylaxis which is a collection of symptoms including breathing difficulties and a drop in blood pressure or shock, which are potentially fatal. The most common examples of potentially life-threatening allergies are those to foods and stinging insects. Life-threatening allergic reactions may also occur to medications or latex rubber and in association with exercise. It is estimated that 1% to 2% of the general population is at risk for anaphylaxis from food allergies and insect. stings, with a lower reported prevalence for drugs and latex. Asthmatic subjects are at particular risk; approximately 50 anaphylactic deaths caused by insect stings and 100 food-related anaphylactic deaths are recognized each year in the U.S.

Joe Robach believes those in our education personnel should develop a system of identifying children with life-threatening allergies to prevent anaphylactic reactions, and they should also be prepared to deal with those that occur despite precautions. It is imperative that epinephrine be recognized as the drug of choice and that all efforts are directed toward its immediate use. Data clearly shows that fatalities more often occur away from home and are associated with either not using epinephrine or a delay in the use of epinephrine treatment.

Joe Robach supports the idea that all education personnel should be aware of those students who have been prescribed epinephrine. This information should be readily available and reviewed by all personnel. Therefore, Joe Robach supports education bill S. 5500-A.

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