Joe Robach will introduce legislation in the upcoming 2013 Legislative Session that will amend the education law, in relation to admission into institutions of higher education for pupils receiving home instruction or a non-public school program. This education bill, sponsored by Joe Robach, amends the education law by adding a new section 312-a which will establish fair practices for home school applicants. Joe Robach understands how important it is for families to have education options for their children.

Joe Robach is sponsoring this legislation because home schooling restrictions in New York State create many difficulties for those home schooling parents and their students who wish to advance to institutions of higher education. In effect, these restrictions undermine the validity of home schooling and serve to discrimination against a legitimate educational choice. While there are other measures which attempt to simplify New York State home schooling regulations in order to reduce home schooling administrative burdens, this bill establishes fair practices for those home schooled applicants who seek admittance into institutions of higher education.

Recently, a student at the Monroe County Community College — who was only a semester away from receiving his degree — had his admission revoked because he was home schooled for his high school education. This education bill, sponsored by Joe Robach would ensure that a situation like that would not happen again, and at the same time it would strengthen the legitimacy of home schooling.

Joe Robach believes that this education legislation will be beneficial to families who decide to home school their children.

For more information on this education legislation, please contact the Office of Joe Robach.