Joe Robach commends Monroe Community College President Anne M. Kress on winning the 2013 Athena Award, presented by the Rochester Business Alliance Women’s Council. President Kress has been a stable in the Rochester higher education community and Joe Robach is thrilled she received this honorable award. The 27th annual award was given to President Kress for her professional achievements, community service and leadership in the advancement of other professional women. She took on the role of President in 2009 and since then has moved Monroe Community College into one of the premier higher education institutions in the Rochester area.

Monroe Community College has more than 37,000 students and is located in Rochester, NY. Under President Kress’ leadership, she has elevated the college, including readiness for college, college completion, workforce development, diversity and sustainability. Joe Robach believes that President Kress has moved Monroe Community College in the right direction and has put the college on the map as one of the area’s best higher education institutions. Also under her leadership, MCC has partnered with the Rochester City School District to begin an Early College High school, which will give students a head start on their secondary education.

In 2011, Joe Robach honored President Kress as a New York State Senate “Woman of Distinction”.

Joe Robach offers his congratulations to President Anne Kress at Monroe Community College for her dedication to the education and success of the students in the Rochester community.

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Many local school districts will be holding NYS Regents Exams in the upcoming weeks. Joe Robach offers the following education study tips to students that can assist students in preparing for these important exams:

Students with better study methods and strategies score higher on their exams.

• Everyone is different, different methods work for different people the following are only suggestions on improving upon your current studying techniques.

• It is best to review the material right after class when it’s still fresh in your memory.

• Don’t try to do all your studying the night before the test. Instead space out your studying, review class materials at least several times a week, focusing on one topic at a time.

• Have all of your study material in front of you: notes, textbooks, study guides and any other relevant material.

• Find a comfortable and quiet place to study with good lighting and little distractions (try avoiding your own bed; it is very tempting to just lie down and take a nap).

• Start out by studying the most important information.

• Learn the general concepts first, don’t worry about learning the details until you have learned the main ideas.

• Take notes and write down a summary of the important ideas as you read through your study material.

• Take short breaks frequently. Your memory retains the information that you study at the beginning and the end better than what you study in the middle.

• Space out your studying, you’ll learn more by studying a little every day instead of waiting to cram at the last minute. By studying every day, the material will stay in your long-term memory but if you try to study at the last moment, the material will only reside in your short-term memory that you’ll easily forget.

• Make sure that you understand the material well, don’t just read through the material and try to memorize everything.

• If you choose to study in a group, only study with others who are serious about the test.

• Test yourself or have someone test you on the material to find out what your weak and strong areas are. You can use the review questions at the end of each chapter or practice tests the teacher may give out as well as other materials.

• Listening to relaxing music such as classical or jazz on a low volume can relieve some of the boredom of studying.

• Don’t study later than the time you usually go to sleep, you may fall asleep or be tempted to go to sleep, instead try studying in the afternoon or early evening. If you are a morning person try studying in the morning.

Joe Robach encourages all students to prepare in advance for their upcoming exams. “Preparation for a Regents exam is extremely important and will help students excel with their education,” said Joe Robach.

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On Thursday, December 20, 2012, Joe Robach attended the “Read to the Roof” education celebration at the Rochester City School District’s General Elwell S. Otis, School #30. School #30 Principal Jason Wertz challenged the students to read a record number of books from mid-October through mid-December. If the student’s succeeded this education goal, then Principal Wertz would be sent to the roof of the school! The children, grades pre-K-Grade 6, far exceeded the expectations of Principal Wertz, and the faculty and staff of School #30 and read over 22,000 books!

During the ceremony held in December, Joe Robach spoke to the students and expressed the importance of reading! Joe Robach believes that reading education material strengthens ones mind and is a useful tool in becoming a successful student in an education setting. Joe Robach believes that education is key to success in a student’s educational career.

Since the students far exceeded their expected goal, Mr. Wertz was sent to the roof of the school building. The Rochester Fire Department attended the event and lifted Principal Wertz onto the roof with their ladder truck. Senator Robach was present and cheered with the children as Principal Wertz fulfilled his promise. Joe Robach congratulates all the students of School #30 on this amazing education accomplishment!

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Joe Robach will reintroduce legislation that will amend the education law, in relation to requiring school nurses in school buildings in certain school districts. Joe Robach believes this education bill is important to the health and wellness of students.

Senate bill S.4557 will add a new subdivision that will require each school district in the cities of Yonkers, Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester and the department of education of New York city to provide for at least one school nurse in each school building. The section also provides for additional staffing to be determined in regulation by the Commissioner of Education in consultation with at least one professional nursing association.

Joe Robach supports this education legislation because while many schools districts throughout New York State provide health care services to children in each school by staffing registered professional nurses, there are some districts that choose to have these nurses travel between school buildings or chose not to have a registered
professional nurse on staff at all. Large city school districts, especially, are often faced with these staffing dilemmas. Having professional staff available can prevent potentially unfortunate outcomes for students that are faced with a medical situation.

Children in our state’s largest school districts need the same services from qualified medical professionals as children in other districts. In fact, rates for asthma and other chronic medical conditions are higher among students in urban school districts. New York State law should recognize this important need. This bill will provide each school within the largest school districts in our state with access to a qualified medical service professional for both chronic and acute health issues for its students.

Joe Robach is aware that for a student to be most successful, they must be healthy. A school district with a professional nurse on staff at all times, is crucial to student’s education.

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