On Thursday, December 20, 2012, Joe Robach attended the “Read to the Roof” education celebration at the Rochester City School District’s General Elwell S. Otis, School #30. School #30 Principal Jason Wertz challenged the students to read a record number of books from mid-October through mid-December. If the student’s succeeded this education goal, then Principal Wertz would be sent to the roof of the school! The children, grades pre-K-Grade 6, far exceeded the expectations of Principal Wertz, and the faculty and staff of School #30 and read over 22,000 books!

During the ceremony held in December, Joe Robach spoke to the students and expressed the importance of reading! Joe Robach believes that reading education material strengthens ones mind and is a useful tool in becoming a successful student in an education setting. Joe Robach believes that education is key to success in a student’s educational career.

Since the students far exceeded their expected goal, Mr. Wertz was sent to the roof of the school building. The Rochester Fire Department attended the event and lifted Principal Wertz onto the roof with their ladder truck. Senator Robach was present and cheered with the children as Principal Wertz fulfilled his promise. Joe Robach congratulates all the students of School #30 on this amazing education accomplishment!

For more information on this education initiative, contact the Office of Joe Robach.