Joe Robach Attends Rochester City School District Latino Parent Conference on Education

Last week, Rochester Senator Joe Robach had the privilege to speak at the Rochester City School District Latino Parent Conference. More than 200 parents took part in this first-ever event. Senator Robach thanked the committee for putting on such a great and important event for parents and families in the community and also thanked them for their special recognition and plaque during the conference.

For the parents of students in the Rochester City School District offered a parental conference in Spanish. Almost 200 parents signed up this conference, where they went over information aimed to help them encourage their children to succeed in school.

“There’s no reason why a parent should not be able to receive the support that they need, regardless of whether they speak English or not,” District Superintendent Bolgen Vargas explained.

Vargas says bilingual staff are available to help Latino parents. Vargas’s message for student achievement is a three pronged approach that translates to all parents. He said, students need to attend class, do their homework and receive discipline from home.

“The Latino population in the city is very unique population and we want to give them the support that they need,” Vargas said.

According to the latest census numbers, Rochester’s Hispanic population is at 16.4 percent. “This is a very important conference because this is the first time it has been done. An all Spanish conference,” Ibero Action League President, Hilda Rosario told local media. Hilda Rosario was honored in 2012 as a women of distinction for 2012 in the 56th Senate District by Senator Joe Robach.