Senator Joe Robach Distributes Dictionaries at Northwood Elementary School

Recently, Senator Joe Robach joined members of the Greece and Hilton Rotary Clubs at Northwood Elementary School to distribute Student Dictionaries to the school’s third grade classes. Joe Robach has participated in student dictionary distribution with the Rotary Club for several years now and sees it as a great way to support education, especially at the elementary school level.

Senator Joe Robach, along with the Greece and Hilton Rotarians, taught the students about the importance of literacy and the benefits of exploring their new dictionary. Each dictionary also includes information sections about the galaxies, continents and all 50 states!

“I can still remember getting my first dictionary when I was in elementary school and how excited I was to bring it home to show my parents,” said Joe Robach. “I only hope that these students will get as much use out of it as I did, and that they feel the same excitement.”

Senator Joe Robach continues to support education throughout Monroe County, not only through the dictionary distribution project, but in many other ways as well. He is a firm believer that we can improve the classroom experience for all children if we give them the proper tools to learn and find new ways to make learning more enjoyable.

“The truth is, the dictionary distribution is only a small part of what we can do to improve education and literacy in our schools,” said Senator Joe Robach. “We also need the parents to encourage students to utilize and explore their dictionaries, and other learning tools, as much as possible.”