Joe Robach Connects with Rochester Area Teachers

Senator Joe Robach recently joined Rochester area teachers to update them on the goals of the New York State Senate Education committee for the 2014 legislative session. As a member of the Education committee, Joe Robach believes that listening to teachers and school administrators is a great way to support education in our schools.

IMG_86582“I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet with over 400 Rochester area teachers to talk about reforms we’d like to see made to the state’s education system, and ways we can improve the classroom experience for students,” said Robach. “I’m always eager to join my colleagues in government when it comes to looking at ways we can improve our education system and student performance.”

At the meeting, Joe Robach expressed his support for four pieces of education legislation that recently passed the Senate Education Committee including the “Truth in Testing” bill that would require the Commissioner of Education to report the effectiveness of common core testing and require an independent audit to review and evaluate the common core program.

The New York State Education Department began aligning curriculm and assessments to the new Common Core learning standards during the 2012-2013 academic year (it was originally adopted by the New York Board of Regents in 2010). The implementation has been admittedly flawed and has been the subject of controversy for school administrators, teachers and parents alike. This backlash has resulted in the Senate Education Committee’s reform proposal, supported by Senator Joe Robach.