Senator Joe Robach Talks to Holy Cross Students About Bullying Prevention

Senator Joe Robach was recently a guest at Holy Cross School in Charlotte to participate in the school’s anti-bullying assembly and to show his support for anti-bullying efforts and education. Students from each class participated in the assembly, reciting the school’s anti-bullying pledge and receiving certificates for being good classmates and friends to IMG_8731other students.

Bullying is a topic that needs to be addressed on a daily basis, not just in school, but at home by parents as well. By providing individuals, especially students, with education on bullying we can all work together towards the goal of preventing it from happening inside and outside of schools,” said Joe Robach in support of educating the public on anti-bullying efforts.

Bullying can happen in any public setting, not just in our schools. That’s why Joe Robach believes that supporting bullying prevention and education in our schools can prevent it from happening down the road. Here are a few tips Joe Robach would like to share if you’re worried that your son or daughter is involved in bullying:

  • Recognize the warning signs that your child is involved in bullying. They could be being bullied, bullying others, or witnessing bullying.  Although these signs could signal other issues, you should talk to your child if they display any sort of behavioral or emotional changes.  Many times kids won’t ask for help, so it is important to know what to look for. If your child is at immediate risk of harming himself or others, get help right away.
  • If you know or suspect bullying has occurred, learn how to find out what has happened with your child. Understanding what has happened can also help in communicating with school or community officials about the situation.

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