Joe Robach Supports Making College More Affordable for New Yorkers

During the 2015 Legislative Session, Joe Robach was pleased to continue his strong support of providing affordable higher education for all New Yorkers.

Joe Robach knows that a great education is the key that can open the door to greater opportunities for all of our children. That’s why Joe Robach supported investing in New York’s higher education system and helped lead the successful effort to ensuring strong support for tuition assistance programs, public and private universities, and community IMG_8605colleges across the State.

Joe Robach supported this education initiative, saying “The cost of a college degree seems to be increasing every year, every opportunity must be made by students and their parents to meet their required expenses. With this additional funding, we can help provide more New York students with the opportunity to earn a college degree, something that is critically important in today’s economy and work environment.”

Specific elements include:
• Increased Support for Community Colleges: Full-time equivalent (FTE) funding was increased by $100. Base aid will be $2,597 per FTE for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year. This represents a $20 million increase for SUNY and CUNY community colleges combined.

• Tuition Assistance: We increased funding for TAP by $45 million from last year, helping thousands of young New Yorkers afford a quality higher education.

• New Scholarships: We also established a new merit scholarship program, with 5,000 eligible students to receive $500 scholarships.