Joe Robach Supports Education Legislation

Senator Joe Robach was proud to support education legislation, which passed the New York State Senate in a bi-partisan vote, that will benefit students, parents and teachers across the State. Joe Robach supported and championed these education reforms, along with his Senate colleagues, which were also passed by the Assembly and enacted into law by the Governor.

“These reforms are good for parents, good for teachers and most importantly, good for our IMG_3576children. I’m always eager to join my colleagues in government when it comes to looking at ways we can improve our education system, this legislation will ensure that our schools will remain a vibrant and rewarding place for our children to grow, learn and thrive,” said Joe Robach in support of education in New York State.

Joe Robach supported the education reforms in this legislation, including:

• Empowering parents and teachers by directing the State Education Department to release test questions and the corresponding correct answers back to the teachers by June 1 each year, ensuring greater accountability and transparency in testing.

• Helping students by enacting new measures to ensure that state exams in grades 3 through 8 are grade- and time-appropriate.

• Protecting teachers by establishing in the education law a requirement that SED must consider student characteristics as factors in the calculation of a teacher’s student growth scores.