Joe Robach Supports Education Initiative ‘Take a Vet to School Day’

Joe Robach supports education and was proud to honor Veterans’ Day by partnering with Time Warner Cable, The History Channel and the Brockport Central School District to host Take a Vet to School Day. This is a nationwide cable initiative that links veterans of all ages with young people in our schools and communities.

On November 13, Brockport’s Oliver Middle School students assembled to listen to the experiences of several local veterans. The panel of veterans will discuss their service during wartime and what it is like to be in the armed forces. There will be veterans representing different branches of the service as well as different times in history. IMG_6887 Senator Robach will serve as the moderator for the event.

In support of this education initiative, Senator Robach stated “This is a great program that brings local veterans to our schools to share their stories and experiences with students. We were fortunate to have a great group of panelists, all from the Brockport community. It is because of our veterans that we have the privilege to choose a career, pursue an education and enjoy the basic freedoms that so many take for granted every day. There is no more important way to learn about our history than by hearing firsthand accounts from the brave individuals who have served.”