Joe Robach Supports Education Initiative ‘Take a Vet to School Day’

Joe Robach supports education and was proud to honor Veterans’ Day by partnering with Time Warner Cable, The History Channel and the Brockport Central School District to host Take a Vet to School Day. This is a nationwide cable initiative that links veterans of all ages with young people in our schools and communities.

On November 13, Brockport’s Oliver Middle School students assembled to listen to the experiences of several local veterans. The panel of veterans will discuss their service during wartime and what it is like to be in the armed forces. There will be veterans representing different branches of the service as well as different times in history. IMG_6887 Senator Robach will serve as the moderator for the event.

In support of this education initiative, Senator Robach stated “This is a great program that brings local veterans to our schools to share their stories and experiences with students. We were fortunate to have a great group of panelists, all from the Brockport community. It is because of our veterans that we have the privilege to choose a career, pursue an education and enjoy the basic freedoms that so many take for granted every day. There is no more important way to learn about our history than by hearing firsthand accounts from the brave individuals who have served.”

Joe Robach Supports Education Legislation

Senator Joe Robach was proud to support education legislation, which passed the New York State Senate in a bi-partisan vote, that will benefit students, parents and teachers across the State. Joe Robach supported and championed these education reforms, along with his Senate colleagues, which were also passed by the Assembly and enacted into law by the Governor.

“These reforms are good for parents, good for teachers and most importantly, good for our IMG_3576children. I’m always eager to join my colleagues in government when it comes to looking at ways we can improve our education system, this legislation will ensure that our schools will remain a vibrant and rewarding place for our children to grow, learn and thrive,” said Joe Robach in support of education in New York State.

Joe Robach supported the education reforms in this legislation, including:

• Empowering parents and teachers by directing the State Education Department to release test questions and the corresponding correct answers back to the teachers by June 1 each year, ensuring greater accountability and transparency in testing.

• Helping students by enacting new measures to ensure that state exams in grades 3 through 8 are grade- and time-appropriate.

• Protecting teachers by establishing in the education law a requirement that SED must consider student characteristics as factors in the calculation of a teacher’s student growth scores.

Joe Robach Supports Making College More Affordable for New Yorkers

During the 2015 Legislative Session, Joe Robach was pleased to continue his strong support of providing affordable higher education for all New Yorkers.

Joe Robach knows that a great education is the key that can open the door to greater opportunities for all of our children. That’s why Joe Robach supported investing in New York’s higher education system and helped lead the successful effort to ensuring strong support for tuition assistance programs, public and private universities, and community IMG_8605colleges across the State.

Joe Robach supported this education initiative, saying “The cost of a college degree seems to be increasing every year, every opportunity must be made by students and their parents to meet their required expenses. With this additional funding, we can help provide more New York students with the opportunity to earn a college degree, something that is critically important in today’s economy and work environment.”

Specific elements include:
• Increased Support for Community Colleges: Full-time equivalent (FTE) funding was increased by $100. Base aid will be $2,597 per FTE for the 2015-16 Fiscal Year. This represents a $20 million increase for SUNY and CUNY community colleges combined.

• Tuition Assistance: We increased funding for TAP by $45 million from last year, helping thousands of young New Yorkers afford a quality higher education.

• New Scholarships: We also established a new merit scholarship program, with 5,000 eligible students to receive $500 scholarships.

Joe Robach Supports Education Scholarship

New York State Senator Joe Robach announced today that the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators is now accepting applications for four $2,500 scholarships, which will be awarded in June at their Annual Legislative Conference Day. Joe Robach’s support of this education scholarship has been constant since it was first IMG_09002offered.

“Given the high costs of college, every opportunity must be made by students and their families to meet their required expenses with scholarships, student loans, financial aid and personal contributions,” said Robach. “Our conference is very proud of our role in promoting higher education and assisting students in reaching their academic goals and full potential for future success.”

This year, the Italian-American State Legislators Conference will be awarding four $2,500 scholarships to four current or future college students from New York State. Eligibility will be based upon the student’s grade point average, interest in pursuing a higher education, involvement in the local community as well as individual financial need. Joe Robach is proud to support high school students in his district who apply for this education scholarship.

The Conference is a bipartisan organization of New York State Assembly and Senate members who are actively involved in promoting and celebrating the state’s Italian-American community. The Conference mission is to work hard to elevate and highlight Italian-American contributions to the State of New York and beyond, in all aspects of society, including literature, the arts, architecture and politics. The conference also tries to dispel negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans.

Joe Robach supports education opportunities for hard working students and believes this scholarship can help them on their path to a college degree. Students may request an application by contacting Senator Robach’s office at (585) 225-3650 or, or by downloading the application at

Joe Robach Supports Education Initiative: Sponsors ‘Take a Vet to School Day’

Recently, Senator Joe Robach supported education by proudly teaming with Time Warner Cable, the History Channel and the Gates Chili and Greece Central School Districts to bring Take a Vet to School Day to Gates Chili High School and Greece Athena Middle School. This nationwide program gives students of all ages the chance to hear stories of service and sacrifice from area veterans.

Joe Robach supported this education initiative that gave students firsthand learning IMG_8847experiences and lessons in American history. This year, veterans volunteered their time to share their stories with students at Gates Chili and Greece Athena. Each veteran had the opportunity to tell the students what serving our nation has meant to him and the valuable lessons they learned in sacrifice. Following the introductions, students were given the opportunity to ask the veterans about their personal experiences, what war was like or why they gave up years of their youth to defend our nation.

“This nationwide event brings veterans into the classroom to share their firsthand experiences in the armed forces and combat, and gives the students a better understanding of the sacrifices our veterans make to protect our country and our freedoms.” said Senator Joe Robach.

Joe Robach looks forward to continuing to support various educational programs, like Take a Vet to School Day, in hopes of enhancing the classroom experience for students throughout the community.

“I truly hope the students know how fortunate they are to have had this opportunity to learn from our veterans, and most importantly, hear about the sacrifices they’ve made so we can enjoy all the freedoms we take for granted on a daily basis,” Robach concluded.

Joe Robach Supports Education Grant

As a tireless support of access to higher education, Joe Robach applauded recent news that New York State has been awarded a $22.4 million Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) grant by the U.S. Department of Education, to help low-income and at-risk students receive college readiness preparation IMG_8605and support beginning in seventh grade and continuing through high school. The State was additionally awarded a seventh year of funding to further support students in the program through their first year of college.

“I have always valued education and higher education, and truly believe that having a college degree can open so many doors of opportunity for our younger generations. Given the high costs of college, this education funding will help those who might not otherwise have the means of working towards a college degree and better them for their future,” said Joe Robach in support education funding from GEAR UP.

Targeting middle school students from districts with low high-school graduation rates, the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program will raise students’ awareness of college and financial aid options, increase participation in academically challenging coursework, and support them through completion of their college freshman year.

Participating school districts will also have the opportunity to count their students among the thousands who prepare for high skills jobs of the future through the NYS Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools program – which combines high school, college and career training focused on the knowledge and skills students need for science, technology, engineering and math careers, targeted to at-risk, disadvantaged students.

As a member of the Senate committees on Education and Higher Education, Joe Robach supports educational opportunities for those looking to further their careers and improve their lives. This grant funding will help many people who might not otherwise have the resources available to do so.

Detailed information about NYGEAR UP is available at UP.

Joe Robach Supports Renovating Education Facilities in Rochester

With the 2014-2015 school year recently underway, Joe Robach is proud to be an active supporter of education and the Rochester City School District. That’s why he was on hand to help re-open one of the City of Rochester’s oldest schools, which had undergone a multimillion dollar transformation.

A week before the start of school, students, teachers, parents and school administratorsIMG_5228 convened at the John Williams School #5 on North Plymouth Avenue in the City of Rochester to celebrate its grand re-opening.

School #5 is a newly rebuilt school that serves grades pre-K through 6 and was originally built in 1926. Joe Robach was pleased to discuss the importance of education as one of the distinguished speakers at the official ribbon cutting ceremony.

“This transformation and remodeling will provide a better learning environment for School #5 students and teachers, all in a state of the art facility,” said Robach. “This facility is as good as any that I’ve seen in the Rochester area, it’s now up to you to put in the work to ensure you get the most out of your education,” he concluded.

This project was part of Phase I of the Rochester City School District Modernization Program, which Senator Robach was proud to support and sponsor in the State Senate. Phase I invested millions of dollars into aging Rochester City School District buildings to make them more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and more conducive to new learning standards.


Joe Robach, of the NYS Senate, announced today that he would again be organizing a back to school drive to help support local education needs. From now until September 30th, Joe Robach will be collecting both school/education supplies and back packs to be donated to the Greece Ecumenical Closet as well as to students in the City of Rochester.

Items can be dropped off to the Greece Ecumenical Clothes Closet (500 Maiden Lane in Greece) or Joe Robach’s Senate office (2300 West Ridge Road). Items that are needed include: Backpacks, Pens and Pencils, Rulers, Lined Papers, Notepads, Folders, Post It Notes, Calculators, Glue Sticks and Highlighters.

Joe Robach, a member of the Senate Education Committee, said “ It is so important that we support our local students’ education needs in every way. I hope that residents will consider donating supplies to help our children prepare for school.

For more information on Joe Robach school supplies drive, please visit his Senate office.

Joe Robach Supports Education Initiative: Legislation to Make College More Affordable

Joe Robach and the members of the New York State Senate, in support of college education, recent passed five bills to make college more affordable for students and their families, while setting students up for success. These bills provide opportunities to help New York students thrive by increasing awards in the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to equal the cost per semester of SUNY and CUNY tuition, alleviating student loan debt, giving access to free community college to eligible students, and providing targeted work-training programs.

In support of this education initiative, Joe Robach said, “Given the high costs of college, every opportunity must be made by students and their families to meet their required expenses with scholarships, student loans, financial aid and personal contributions.IMG_9999_265

As a father of three, Joe Robach knows the expense that comes with obtaining a college degree, but also knows the value of that degree. He is proud to support this education legislation that will help college students throughout New York State pay their way through college so they aren’t burdened with excessive debt upon college graduation.
The college affordability bills approved by the Senate include the following legislation:

Increasing TAP Awards:

The Senate passed legislation (S7795) that builds upon the $34.2 million TAP increase the legislature included in the 2014-15 state budget. The measure increases the maximum TAP award from $5,165 to $6,470 beginning in fall 2015. In addition, the bill increases the maximum income eligibility for TAP from $80,000 to $100,000 to include more middle class families and students.

Helping Students Pay Off Student Loan Debt:

The Senate approved legislation (S7791), that would help students pay off large student debts. The bill would enable eligible students to convert up to $35,000 in private student loan debt into a low-interest loan to be managed by the state. Students would be able to pay off the loan based on their annual income and ability to pay. The new program, called the New York Student Affordable Refinancing for Tomorrow (New START) Program, would make it easier for students to pay off student loan debt, which has surpassed credit card debt as the number one source of debt in the nation.

Free Community College:

The Senate passed a bill (S7793) to guarantee access to a free community college education for eligible students. This bill requires the state’s Higher Education Services Corporation to reimburse students for the cost of attending a community college if they meet eligibility requirements related to academic success and financial aid eligibility.

In addition, the Senate passed bills today that would:

> Create a pilot program that includes reduced-cost accelerated baccalaureate degrees at SUNY institutions. These degree programs would be completed within three years and is capped at a total tuition cost of $12,000 for the 2016-2017 academic year (S7792);

>Establish a grant-funded program geared at retraining and employing unemployed people. This legislation (S7794) awards a $500,000 grant to community colleges to develop or improve existing workforce development programs. It would provide proper training required for job placement in businesses and industries within an eligible college’s region that is lacking the necessary workforce, is seeking employees with new skills, or where job growth is anticipated in the near future.

The bills were sent to the Assembly.

Joe Robach Supports Education Initiative: College Financial Aid Education

With the school year coming to an end, Joe Robach would like to remind soon-to-be high school graduates about the importance of college financial aid and learning about their options. Joe Robach supports students getting a college education, and knows that in many cases a college degree is on attainable with the right financial aid assistance. Joe Robach urges college students, and soon-to-be college students, to educate themselves on the importance of financial aid and all the different financial aid opportunities available to them.

“A college education is so important in today’s society and business world. With a college degree, you can obtain a good paying job and set yourself up for a bright career and future,” said Joe Robach. “Unfortunately, the cost of college can often inhibit or deter students from pursuing a degree. There are a multitude of financial aid options available for students, all of which I encourage them to explore.”

Senator Joe Robach supports higher education, whether it’s through obtaining an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, or even an advanced certification in a specialized field of study. Joe Robach suggests that interested students and parents should log on to to find more information and to see complete financial aid packages that are available.

“As hard working families struggle to afford higher education, this financial aid can go a long way in allowing a student to further their education,” said Senator Robach. “For our high school graduates, every little bit will help them afford their dream of getting a degree.”